Dr. Federico Ariel

Latin America and the Caribbean

Dr. Ariel’s innovative work has significantly advanced our understanding of the role of long noncoding RNA in plants. Just as RNA-based vaccines proved crucial in combating the recent pandemic, Dr. Ariel’s research focuses on harnessing RNA-based technologies to replace harmful synthetic pesticides and create a safer environment for both humans and nature.


Dr. Ariel’s research has laid the foundation for using RNA to deliver vital information to plants without resorting to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). By designing specialized RNA molecules that act as natural substances, he helps plants adapt to environmental stress and fend off harmful pathogens. This approach reduces the need for synthetic pesticides, making agriculture more sustainable. A major breakthrough in his work is the development of a platform that controls gene expression in plants and pathogens alike. This cutting-edge technology allows us to protect crops from pests and enhance their resilience to heat waves, all without the use of GMOs.


To further drive his research forward, Dr. Ariel has founded his own startup, APOLO Biotech, with the support of the National Research Council (CONICET) in Argentina. As a group leader within CONICET, Dr. Ariel continues to lead the way in sustainable plant protection and contribute to the development of innovative solutions for a healthier and more environmentally friendly future.

Dr. Fedrico Ariel receiving the Prize