Dr. Edna Matta-Camacho


Dr. Matta-Camacho is a structural biologist with extensive experience in academia and the private sector. She obtained her PhD at McGill University, studying the structure of ubiquitin related proteins, and her discoveries represent a major advance in the understanding of the life cycle of proteins. During her academic formation Edna had the opportunity to mentor a large number of students in different countries. Edna is one of the Co-Founders of Immigrant & International Women in Science (IWS)-Network in Canada – committed to empower and support women in science.

Edna is the founder of STEM Sin Fronteras Foundation – an education program that aims to bridge STEM fields and youth around the globe. “By creating education reachable to everyone, especially minorities and low-income populations, we can break the boundaries in STEM fields to face the global challenges in science and technological innovations”.