The Visit of UNESCO and the Jury of the UNESCO-Al Fozan International Prize

During the visit of UNESCO and the distinguished Jury of the UNESCO-Al Fozan International Prize for the promotion of Young scientists in STEM delegation had the privilege of exploring two exceptional sites: the King Salman Oasis and the Diriyah UNESCO World Heritage site. The King Salman Oasis provided a captivating environment for the delegation to witness firsthand the intersection of STEM and sustainable development. This site exemplified the integration of scientific principles and innovative solutions in creating a sustainable oasis, highlighting the importance of STEM in addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices.


In addition, the delegation visited the Diriyah UNESCO World Heritage site, which showcased the rich cultural and historical significance of the area. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Diriyah stands as a symbol of cultural preservation and serves to honor and protect our shared human heritage. The visit to this site allowed the delegation to appreciate the historical importance of cultural diversity and heritage conservation, emphasizing the role of UNESCO in safeguarding and promoting cultural understanding and dialogue.