Congratulations to the Young Scientists Winners of UNESCO Al Fozan International Prize

The Laureates

Dr. Fedrico Ariel
Groundbreaking research on long noncoding RNA in plants, an approach set to revolutionize agriculture.
Dr. Hesham Omran
for groundbreaking work in developing the Analog Designer's Toolbox (ADT)
Dr. Jelena Vladic
for breakthrough research on micro algae in wastewater treatment.
Prof. Abdon Atangana
for groundbreaking contributions to the field of mathematics.
Prof. Qiaomei Fu
for groundbreaking work in constructing an evolutionary map of Eurasian populations over the past 100,000 years.

Highlights from the Ceremony

On June 19, an esteemed award ceremony took place to honor the exceptional laureates: Professor Abdon Atangana, Professor Qiaomei Fu, Dr. Hesham Omran, Dr. Jelena Vladic, and Dr. Hesham Omran. This grand occasion marked a celebration of their groundbreaking achievements and contributions to their respective fields. The ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including ambassadors from various nations, as well as ministers from Saudi Arabia.

The venue was adorned with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement as the laureates, their families, and esteemed guests gathered in anticipation of the momentous occasion. The event was hosted by UNESCO, represented by the Deputy Director General, who delivered a heartfelt address highlighting the significance of the laureates’ work in advancing knowledge and fostering sustainable development.

The Chairman of the Al Fozan Foundation was also present to grace the ceremony. With great honor, he presented the laureates with their well-deserved prizes, recognizing their exceptional contributions that have garnered global recognition and admiration.

The presence of ambassadors from various nations added a touch of international camaraderie to the event, symbolizing the global impact and recognition bestowed upon the laureates. Their attendance exemplified the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange on a global scale.

The notable presence of ministers from Saudi Arabia further emphasized the commitment of the country to academic excellence and scientific advancement. Their presence showcased the immense support and recognition that the laureates’ achievements have received at a national level.

The award ceremony was not only a moment to acknowledge the laureates’ remarkable accomplishments but also an opportunity to inspire future generations. The laureates’ groundbreaking work serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging young minds to pursue knowledge, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.