Dr. Jelena Vladic

Europe and North America

Dr. Jelena Vladic has revolutionized the field of ecological extraction. Her innovative processes unlock the potential of aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as food and agricultural waste, by extracting valuable products from them.


One of Dr. Vladic’s remarkable achievements is the utilization of microalgae derived from wastewater treatment to extract bioactive compounds. While microalgae are known for their nutrient-rich composition and health benefits, those grown in wastewater are typically considered unsuitable for human and animal use due to potential contamination. However, Dr. Vladic’s groundbreaking research has uncovered a solution. She discovered that a green solvent called subcritical water can effectively purify microalgae biomass derived from wastewater treatment. This extraction process eliminates pathogens, ensuring that the liquid extracts obtained are safe and contain bioactive components that can be utilized across diverse industries. This discovery has the potential to contribute to a truly circular economy by transforming waste into valuable resources.


Dr. Vladic, a former faculty member of the Technology University of Novi Sad in Serbia, is currently affiliated with the NOVA School of Science and Technology at NOVA University in Lisbon, Portugal. Her pioneering research and innovative approach to ecological extraction are driving sustainable practices and opening new avenues for utilizing natural resources efficiently.


Dr. Jelena Vladic’s work exemplifies the power of scientific innovation in promoting a greener and more sustainable future. By extracting value from plants and waste materials, she is paving the way for a circular economy that embraces the principles of environmental stewardship and resource optimization.

Dr. Jelena Vladic receiving the Prize